Sweetbeet: healthy eating never tasted this good

Eat fresh x stay rad.

For you CONVENIENce: discover delicious meals right at your shopping centre!

We’re all trying to live healthier lifestyles. Well, most of us anyway. Not just because it’s the beginning of a new year, but because we know of the benefits on offer, whether we choose to exercise or adopt new healthy eating habits. And when it comes to food, you don’t have to look any further. The Sweetbeet menu has what you need, and then some.

Greens, grilled free-range chicken breast, feta, cocktail tomatoes, avocado and sticky plum sauce in the sticky chicken burrito

Conveniently situated in Canal Walk, Willowbridge, Table View and Drakenstein (in Paarl) shopping centres in Cape Town, you can grab a delicious bite before or after your weekly shopping run. Or, get a takeaway to share with your family at home. And with a wide variety from burritos to salads, warm bowls to sandwiches, and smoothies to super shakes, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Plus, Sweetbeet recipes include gluten-friendly options too.

This was my second visit to the Sweetbeet restaurant, and I tried the sticky chicken burrito. Oh. My. Word. You’ll quickly find out that every bite is a treat. Experience a burst of flavours in your mouth, proving that healthy eating recipes need not be bland! I washed this down with a DePeach Mode smoothie. Yes, the creative team even came up with cute names for the drinks.

DePeach Mode & Katy Berry smoothies

So no matter what you’re in the mood for, Sweetbeet has something that’ll tickle your tastebuds. Give it a try!

Click here for a quick link to their Instagram profile.
And here for mine, to stay up to date on what’s new, tasty and fun in 2022.

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