The best lockdown gifts to shop (South Africa) + adapt these 5 ideas in your country

strict lockdown can be frustrating, EVEN FOR AN INTROVERT LIKE ME. But there are fun things to do to help Keep boredom at bay. Now when it comes to the best gifts to send for him or her, lockdown can make things quite tricky. Don’t worry; I’m here to help. Here are 5 gift IDEAS FOR WHAT you can buy for loved ones to enjoy during lockdown.

1. Takealot gift Voucher

Or Okay, so you can’t buy good company on Takealot, but they do have a wide variety of other options on offer. Depending on what your person likes, this voucher gives them access to boardgames, puzzles, their favourite TV series box sets, books, necessities for parents (both pet and human parents), and even groceries. If you’re feeling generous, your Takealot gift voucher can even get them a gaming console online.

2. Pamper hamper

When times are tough, perceived need comes before want. But it’s important to take time out. That’s why a pamper package is the ideal gift during lockdown. Treat yourself or your girlfriend, boyfriend, partner, friend or family member with a pamper package of note. Create a gift hamper yourself and let a cheap courier company deliver it to their home. Remember to include a note for them to sanitise. Or let the professionals do it for you: Mantality, NetFlorist, Lulu & Marula, To Be Gift Boxes, and many others can help you to choose the best pamper package to send during lockdown in South Africa.

3. FAST Food delivery

Give the home cook a break with food delivery to their doorstep. Mr D Food, Uber Eats, Order Kasi and KasiMenu are just some of your options. What makes businesses like Order Kasi and KasiMenu different, is that they deliver to townships. Simply download the apps and follow the steps. Trust me, any home cook will thank you for it. Note: not all of them deliver everywhere, so choose the service that fits your need.


Since we’re limited on outings, why not give someone the gift of doing something they love at home? An online class, course or workshop is just the thing. Like Julie’s Cake Studio for cake decorating or The Experience Centre for online cooking options. You can even buy online training on Daddy’s Deals and more.

5. Groceries

You can never go wrong with something useful. And what’s more useful than groceries during these tough economic times? The Checkers Sixty60 app or Pick n Pay ASAP are just some of the options available. Not all of them deliver everywhere, so choose the service that fits your need. As a special treat, try The Munching Mongoose in Joburg for fresh, organic produce. Simply Google for more options.

I hope you found these lockdown gift ideas helpful. Please follow me on Instagram for more exciting content. Click abbey_abby_abi

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Main image: By Harry Strauss from Pixabay
1. Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay
2. Image by Gayle Reinsma from Pixabay
3. Image by Sharon Ang from Pixabay
4. Image by Luisella Planeta Leoni from Pixabay
5. Image by ADMC from Pixabay

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