Book Review – Still Me (Jojo Moyes)

This was just the sort of feel-good story I expected it to be.

novel with white cover lying on brown autumn leaves


The story
Louisa Clark leaves behind her family and boyfriend Sam in London to work for a high-society family in New York. Within days she is thrown into a world of money, glitz, glamour and secrets. She makes new friends, some who would turn out to be genuine and some who would turn out to be fake. Meanwhile, being in a long-distance relationship proves more difficult than Louisa had imagined it would be. As she faces challenges and as her willpower is tested, she must take time to discover who she really is.

The review
Still Me is the third book in the Me Before You-trilogy, after Me Before You and After You. It falls into the Romance category and definitely delivers a compelling love story between the main character Lou and her beau Sam.

Main character
Lou is a likeable character, and I found myself rooting for her throughout the novel. I found it satisfying to witness her growth and wondered more than once what I would have done, had I been in her situations. Yes, plural. I admire that she chooses to surround herself with positive people. From the first book, Jojo Moyes has created a strong character – the way she handles the antagonists are admirable.

Supporting characters
Other characters such as Sam, Mrs De Witt (Lou’s neighbour) and Agnes (her employer) are also developed, and we get to know them through their pasts. Moyes succeeds in eliciting empathy from me, even for the people who were at times unkind.

The story flows seamlessly as we follow Lou from one day into the next, and one month into the next. I never felt stuck and I never wanted to stop reading. The book has a perfect ending.

To sum up
Still Me is a delightful read, and just the sort of book to enjoy over the weekend or while on holiday. I highly recommend it, especially for romance lovers.

4 out of 5 stars

Publisher: Penguin Random House UK
Year: 2018 | Pages: 469
ISBN: 978-0-718-18319-6

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