Book Review – The Perfect Neighborhood (Jo Crow)

What do you do when things in your neighbourhood start going wrong, but nobody believes you, not even your husband?


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The story

Dr Holly Weldon and her loving husband Mike has just moved into the perfect neighborhood with their baby girl Clare. Away from the bustling city, their new neighborhood is beautiful and peaceful. Until it isn’t…

Soon, a series of events take place that makes Holly feel uneasy and unsafe. Worst is, when she relays them to her husband, he brushes it off as her being overtired. The marriage takes strain and in the end it’s up to Holly to protect herself and her child.

The review
This was my first time reading a book from NetGalley – FREE of charge – so thank you for that! I liked the short chapters in Jo Crow‘s The Perfect Neighborhood. It made me want to keep clicking forward to the next chapter. The story unfolds quickly. One moment I was experiencing what seemed like normal family life, the next I was confronted with dead bodies.

The author tries to create suspense by making it clear that there’s something the main character is not yet revealing. Holly has had a drastic career change, and I found the reason for this quite predictable.

I found the main character annoying at times, although a little voice in my head was trying to convince me that she was doing her best considering the circumstances. She’s a doctor, an educated woman, yet she’s very slow to figure out what’s happening in her personal life. Perhaps she’s just reluctant to admit what she already knows. Some of her actions made me frown more than once.

As mentioned, nobody believes Holly when things start going wrong, which is a storyline often explored and one that never ceases to annoy. Because of this, she decides to do some investigating herself. The consequences are disastrous.

Other characters like her husband and neigbours had supporting roles, but The Perfect Neighborhood centres around Holly.

To sum up
I liked how quickly the story progressed. I did not love the attempt at suspense building and I’m on the fence about my feelings towards the protagonist’s actions. This book is not bad, but because I’ve read so many great crime fiction novels, this one only gets 3 out of 5 stars from me.

3 out of 5 stars

Publisher: Relay Publishing
Year: 2019 | Pages: 266

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