Film Review: Acrimony

movie poster of tyler perry's new movie acrimony with taraji p henson wearing a black dress
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Acrimony definition:
(n) Bitterness or ill feeling.

Synonyms: bitterness, harshness, rancour, ill will

You’re either a Tyler Perry fan or you’re not. I’m definitely pro-Perry. Mainly because I feel that he deals with real issues in relationships and family life that I can relate to or at least, empathise with.


The story
Taraji P. Henson plays Melinda, the wife of Robert (Lyriq Bent), a struggling and very determined wanna-be inventor. They’re college sweethearts, and as in any relationship, the couple experience their fair share of ups and downs. Problem is, there are way more downs than ups. And after standing by Robert’s side for almost two decades, Melinda decides she’s had enough.

They go their separate ways, each one trying to pick up the pieces. But when Robert pays Melinda a visit at her workplace, sharing long-awaited good news, things change … and not for the better.

taraji p henson in tyler perry's acrimony
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The Acrimony review
The story moves between past and present day with each scene providing the viewer with more understanding for Melinda’s anger. Dictionary definitions (of the word ‘acrimony’ and one or two others) appear on screen from time to time, cleverly providing more insight.

As a fan of this writer/director, I have a pretty good feel for his movies and to a certain extend I expect it to play out in a certain way. For the #acrimonymovie I predicted (in my head) that some of the previous elements would make their appearance. A relationship gone wrong; an angry wife or girlfriend (as one can already deduce from the movie poster) trying to regain her independence or wanting to get even; perhaps a resolution where they either work things out or she walks away stronger and more empowered.

What I did not expect in the new Tyler Perry movie was a twist that left my mouth hanging open. I did not anticipate the story to move in such a different direction, and I certainly did not expect the crazy to get that crazy. So kudos to Tyler Perry for surprising me there.

As expected, Taraji P. Henson does not disappoint. She draws you into the character and effortlessly goes from being calm to being furious to being desperate and more. I’m not sure who is more fierce – Melinda or Cookie Lyon from the uber-successful Empire TV series (that has just been renewed for its 5th season, by the way).

On the down side, my movie partner whispered in my ear on more than one occassion, that “That is clearly a green screen!”

Watch this movie if you’re in the mood for something different from Tyler Perry. Fans of the documentary TV series Happily Never After may also appreciate the director’s vision here. Click here to see the Acrimony trailer.


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