Stage review – Swan Lake

Swan Lake-20170603_feature
Image credit: Andrea Morley 


Just as with Sleeping Beauty, Swan Lake was a spectacular performance to watch.

The story

First performed as a ballet in 1877, Swan Lake tells the story of Odette who is cursed and turned into a swan by day. It’s only at night that she takes on human form. While alone with Price Siegfried one evening, she tells him her sad story.

My review

A beautiful tale executed with such feeling that it felt as if I was part of the show. Dancers from the Cape Town City Ballet looked breath-taking in hues of pale yellow, green, white and maroon (or is it burgundy?), to name just a few, each costume complementing the movements performed to perfection. I can’t help but admire the dedication and skill of these dancers as their performances effortlessly conveyed the elegance of the art that is ballet.

The set with the castle the one moment and the glittering lake the next was a true feast for the eyes and audience members oohed and aahed at each new revelation.

For me, the Cape Town Philharmonic Orchestra was the highlight. Under the leadership of conductor Brandon Phillips they would make the great Tchaikovsky proud with their talent. A delight to listen to, the music stirred something inside me, making me grateful for the privilege to have heard them once again.

I’ve been enriched by the experience and highly recommend Swan Lake to theatre goers and lovers of classical music alike.

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