Film Review: Me Before You

Image credit: IMDB

Movies are a sure way to relax. Stating the obvious, I know. So even though I know at the beginning of the film that the couple not getting along would eventually end up together and even though I know that the intro to that iconic song will be “the moment” when it finally happens, I still enjoy watching.

Once in a while, though, a movie comes across our screen that has something just a little bit different. For me, Me Before You is one such film.

Based on the book by Jojo Moyes with the same name, it tells the story of Lou Clark (Emilia Clarke), a working-class young woman who takes on the job of looking after the extremely wealthy Will Traynor (Sam Claflin), a quadriplegic with a plan. Having been an active and outgoing young man just a short while ago, Will is not willing to live like this. The ever-optimistic Lou makes it her life’s work to show him how great life can be.

Lou’s boyfriend, Patrick, is mostly a nice bloke (although other reviewers have described him as self-centred) for whom being fit is a top priority. Of course romance starts to blossom between Will and Lou. What else? But whereas the boyfriend/fiancé in plenty other films are often made out to be jerks, Patrick, in my opinion, is not. I kept waiting for him to make the a-hole move (the pendant he gave Lou came close), but this never happened. Instead, I ended up feeling sorry for him.

Witty dialogue and a good soundtrack (songs like Ed Sheeran’s Photograph) were some of the highlights of this charming film.

I recommend you watch this one.


Side note: As a diehard Downton Abbey fan I was delighted to see “Bates” (Brendan Coyle) as Lou’s father!


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